Very, beloved diary, I am not saying believing that i shall fulfill your

Very, beloved diary, I am not saying believing that i shall fulfill your

Maybe after that, i will try to let him off of the hook that he is apparently dangling from. I am not one to feel a spoilsport a€“ but yes, i could end up being some a tease easily have a mind getting. Within two of us, I somewhat believe that it is I who is playing games.

Another chew at the cherry?

Better, the rather dishy chap just who I implicated to be phony possess messaged myself escort services in Sioux Falls once again. We have decided to connect to him but simply be mindful a€“ as I constantly am. I mean, nothing ventured nothing gathered correct? And when the guy do turn into fake, it may only hurt me if I be seduced by it. That, dear journal, is certainly not some thing i’ll allowed happen once more.

Oh, and master Lindegaard has returned on myspace. Albeit he’s got contributed that he’s keeping his profile exclusive. Really don’t blame him. Discover a gang of males misappropriating his personality with his files. It incenses me that myspace, the spot where the majority of the fake users is a€“ do nothing to tackle this dilemma.

I am in addition acquiring a tiny bit tired of a few of the more persistent emails that I see back at my Twitter page. I mean, honestly, all efforts into the reason can be applauded a€“ but please, never provide me a hard time about which Im a€“ anybody who desires to know who i’m can search me out-by following the backlinks to my websites or my personal blog!

That dear diary, is all i need to state for the present time …. as my hands and feet are cooler and I have to go turn the heating system upon!

” data-large-file=”” src=”” alt=”” width=”202″ height=”201″ srcset=” 202w, 404w, 150w, 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 202px) 100vw, 202px” /> Image of Captain Thomas Lindegaard.

As ever, imagery of chief Thomas Lindegaard are employed together with his kind approval. Copyright laws remains with your that should not be employed for any cause without his explicit permission.

If you find yourself approached on any web site from a visibility utilizing photos of this man (chief Thomas Lindegaard), kindly be aware that there is a Tsunami of artificial profiles around utilizing their pictures.


Well, dear journal, i’ve pretty much destroyed the past 2 days. Newcastle on Thursday don’t occur which had been a giant disappointment when I was basically anticipating they. As an alternative, my personal gf and I also going down into city for a couple drinks. My protestations that I found myselfn’t attending bring continuously went the window; one drink of gorgeousness that is the Margarita cocktail at Macy’s is adequate to tip myself over into a€“ better, I am not quite certain what but I have no idea precisely why I hammered it plenty that evening.

The night was actually nice enough, because it constantly is through my friend a€“ we’d some a-deep and important (just as much as possible when fuelled by alcoholic beverages) about a thing that is happening in life, and then it actually was to homes a€“ after Cheesy Chips from not-so-dodgy-kebab-shop close.

Really that, my dear diary, is a HUGE blunder. I will not gross you out using the details, but suffice to state I happened to be regretting the decision to have very numerous cocktails for two period

Yes, you review that correct a€“ pair FULL DAYS missing to your queasiness and hungoverness which was me personally for the next 2 days. I experienced to kiss good-bye to my coffees big date in a nearby area and that I just about spent another 2 days recuperating in bed.

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