Korean netizens react to Gaza’s billboard for BLACKPINK’s Jennie: a€?She’s dating GD’

Korean netizens react to Gaza’s billboard for BLACKPINK’s Jennie: a€?She’s dating GD’

Filipino business person Christian Albert Gaza’s billboard stunt to woo K-pop woman people BLACKPINK’s Jennie to a romantic date arrived him in Korean mass media and online communities.

Final Oct. 30, Gaza, 28, uploaded a photograph of a billboard for Jennie, 25, which he paid for that has been post on a rooftop of a building in Yongsan, Seoul.

The billboard held his picture in addition to content inquiring Jennie for a night out together. a€?Kim Jennie Ruby Jane, you might be my finest crush. a€?Can I elevates out over dinner’ and also make me the happiest man alive?,a€? the billboard message read.

a€?I am not sure simple tips to get in touch with this lady kaya pina-billboard ko na lang sa puso ng South Korea, few kilometers away from BLACKPINK’s YG head office. (I am not sure ideas on how to get in touch with their so I post a billboard in the middle of Southern Korea, a few kilometers away from BLACKPINK’s YG head office). I hope she will state sure. #JennieChristianDinnerDate,a€? Gaza published on Twitter.

The billboard’s area is during Noksapyeong-daero, and that is a little over 9 km far from YG enjoyment’s headquarters in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Gaza, who phone calls themselves a€?Jennie’s first enthusiast,a€? said he paid P1.5 million (about $29,800) when it comes to billboard and then he is not regretting it, saying, a€?Genuine glee over revenue.a€?

Their billboard caught the eye of several Korean news sites and reported they on Nov. 5. The photo were furthermore submitted on Korean social network.

In reaction, YG activity, the agencies of these two performers, stated, a€?It is hard when it comes to providers to ensure as it is the musicians’ individual lives. We require their knowing,a€? based on SBS reports.

a€?GD [G-Dragon] should be scoffing during this,a€? one netizen stated on articles about Gaza’s billboard while another stated, a€?GDwill end up purchasing your team if you don’t back away,a€? according to Netizen hype.

a€“ a€?Even if the guy invested not merely 35 million won but massive amounts, i do believe watching anybody act like this towards myself would give me personally goosebumpsa€?

a€?If you’re poor with an undesirable mentality, money is every thing. You would think and believe that everything centers around money which the rich become capitalizing on this notion. Therefore, the wealthy getting all the things they wish because of their monetary capacity.

Last February, Korean media outlet Dispatch published a report stating that G-Dragon and Jennie have been in a relationship for over a year

a€?On one other hands, if you are wealthy with an abundant mind-set, you’d only treat funds as a guitar to enable one to go after contentment and build bigger situations in life.

a€?The reason for my billboard suggestion is actually for me to obtain the attention of my ultimate crush, Jennie Kim. It doesn’t matter if they charges me personally 35 million won since glee and fulfillment that i will be obtaining from carrying it out was precious and no amount of money can top that.

Some Korean netizens mentioned the work offered all of them goosebumps while some found it funny

a€?Should Jennie choose to decline my dinner invitation, i might respectfully accept the girl choice. What is vital is that I happened to be able to muster my personal guts to inquire about her for a night out together.

a€?As a millionaire, I highly believe that the best as a type of victory try reaching genuine delight and Blackpink Jennie could be the pleased product of my entire life.

a€?Me? Creepy? Creepy pipz are the ones fans which occupy the privacy by stalking your own personal life such as for instance place of house, circle of company, workplace, and the like. I was not in Seoul once I set up my billboard offer. As an international star, we thought we would present my affection for Jennie Kim in a very advertised manner in order for I can get at the very least 5per cent chance of are observed by my supreme crush,a€? he stated.

The guy included, a€?According to Google, the meaning of creepy is a€?causing an embarrassing sense of worry or unease.’ How do my personal billboard cause an undesirable sense of fear to Ms. Kim? let me know. She’s maybe not a private people. Blackpink Jennie are an international general public figure understood by a lot more than 200 million individuals across the world. Unsolicited promotion is part of her daily life.a€?

a€?Did I submit scary information to her? No. Never. In fact, its my first time to message their nowadays. Before making false accusations against me, please be more logical. Yes, i will be an attention-seeker narcissist exactly who desires the eye of my crushes. Yes, i will be the former a€?National Scammer on the Philippines’ transformed millionaire business person. But there is something that I’m not and that is a creep,a€? the guy stated.

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