Clovia is currently the respected intimate apparel, Sleepwear, Loungewear, Activewear, Shapewear & private worry make of over 30Lc metropolitan millennial Indian women.

Clovia is currently the respected intimate apparel, Sleepwear, Loungewear, Activewear, Shapewear & private worry make of over 30Lc metropolitan millennial Indian women.

While India, the longest times, has become trying to squeeze into international looks type, Clovia got the job to comprehend Asia and its matches and provide solution-based advanced intimate apparel for Indian ladies who have now been trapped with vanilla & one-size-fits-all undergarments alternatives from generations. If with our suits, preferences, comfort and trend, we can add slightly joy to a woman’s innerwear skills and allow her to start the girl time correct, we imagine all of our tasks is completed!

Clovia initially began with underwear but is now increasing to goods catering to women health and private attention.

The most truly effective the majority of skin care & haircare issues confronted of the latest Indian women are recognized. After an extensive research and research, our invention employees located ayurvedic remedies for the problems and curated a range of cosmetic, haircare and bodycare products and named it Clovia Botaniqa.

The genesis of Clovia Botaniqa to deliver solution-based products and the presence of Clovia Botaniqa would be to make the experience of dealing with life problems for every woman a little little bit smoother and pleased. Clovia Botaniqa try an assortment curated for modern day people and latest moms. This has a variety of face wash, face ointments, system washes, body butters, hair petroleum, hair care and conditioner. The most recent introduction is composed of provider essential oils, important natural oils and face serums. This line of services and products is actually enriched with plant-based ayurvedic components and it is free from paraben, toxins and sulphate. Made in Asia, Clovia Botaniqa is a cruelty-free brand.


With a problem-solving method and a matched experience of over 100 ages, the only intent behind our everyday life is offer the queen – our very own visitors. We guarantee the design-to-delivery experience with goods created by Indian artisan and backed by worldwide innovation to offer premiums yet inexpensive merchandise. Every Clovia goods is made and increased predicated on customer feedback. Our network marketing strategy eliminates the middle people, creating all of our finest merchandise inexpensive.

THE INCEPTION Lingerie has been talked about in hushed voices inside our country. It really is an aches for females to search from neighbor hood intimate apparel storage which typically contributes to embarrassing and awkward scenarios.

Everything started once we seen how exactly we never ever located bras of one’s size or fit at the local intimate apparel sites. That was a causal observance in the beginning, slowly turned into a movement as more similar women recommended the theory – yes, girls’ interior use in India kept a lot to wish.

Undergarments largely can be bought from little storage across Asia and generally under a male gaze. Girls couldn’t query the things they wanted or bad nevertheless, most did not discover their unique appropriate dimensions. There was clearly an absolute not enough understanding of buying bra or undergarment suits according to your bust profile. Till recently, best vanilla extract possibilities existed when you look at the lingerie classification and everything which provided even a little bit extra by means of solution, style or styles had been exorbitantly costly. We thought that development of this undergarment group had not held pace aided by the fast-changing outerwear fashion there been around a major difference in underwear for women in Asia. Upon deeper studies, we discovered that the current distribution stations restricted the availability of best models and flow of customer feedback back again to the intimate apparel brands, ultimately causing insufficient invention and type.

We recognized that on line could be an excellent system for females to choose best size and match of undergarments from the privacy of these houses with all the right assistance. It absolutely was additionally a great channel for people in order to comprehend the intricate wants of the Indian people divided by seasons, trends choices, size and undergarments demands. Because of the expansion of net entrance in the country, internet shopping India becoming a means of range together with already existing space within the underwear company, the period got put for us. We chose to make the leap in to the realm of underwear and Clovia taken place! We were only available in 2013 and since next there is no lookin back.

ATTENTION TO CLOSET Clovia was the full pile underwear brand name, which controls every part of the sources chain from whatever you name as mind-to- clothes. We build in-house, hand-pick the raw-materials and produce in managed special business, ensuring 4-levels of top quality handles and we also promote through many sale channel.

Every items we generate is actually first made in small quantities, monitored via a state-of-the-art backend technology, which predicts future marketing (according to sale habits and customer comments) and suggests just what additional styles and quantities must certanly be produced.

To simply help our very own clients find the bra utilizing the great match, we developed an instrument known as Clovia bra calculator. Everything you need to perform are, point out how big is the band, the mug dimensions, the characteristics you appear for in your size and voila – we provide you with just the right bra size in only under 2 minute!

This leads to a true fast manner brand name that’s reduced on price (because middlemen include cut), high on buyers appeal (through our very own years of combined build feel in-house), super-efficient on stock and developed totally on customers opinions. The price tag we save yourself because these effective tactics is actually transported back into the consumers as reduced product which was inexpensive too.

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